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You might find it hard to believe, but sometimes I forget that I have a web site and that I really should be updating this thing more often. But that's what its like having a record store like ours, constant stuff to get done. So how are things around here? Pretty pretty pretty good. Records coming in, records going out. Happy people finding stuff they have been looking for for a long time. That includes people who are knocked out by our great prices. I get complimented almost everyday but someone who says "your prices are the best of any store, sometimes even cheaper then online." Well, we try. In fact, Jim has been selling records for about the same price for over 20 years. Really. No inflation here. Now harder to get colectibe stuff? Well, we try to keep those prices down too. But it is not easy.

We just expanded the size of the inventory in the store AGAIN, so our choice is that much bigger. We also opened our T-shirt section. The inventory there will be growing very very soon. And at long last we finally have a CONCERT POSTER section for the store. Hundreds of original concert posters from the last 30 years available for your purchase.

Now in the works is getting the FULL 45 section up and running. Hopefully it will be rolling by mid-February. Lots of soul, lots of rock-a-billy, lots of punk and metal, lots of interesting import singles from the 60's to the present. Lots of good stuff.

So there you are. The store is rockin so get your buts in here and go shopping.

We will also be opening at 11am everyday by the end of January, so between being open 7 days a week and now having an extra hour everyday to shop, WE GOT YOU COVERED.

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