John Entwistle's Record Collection

Well we here at Big Jim's Records cannot begin to tell you how excited and honored we are to be working with the JOHN ENTWISTLE FOUNDATION, which in addition to keeping the name and legend of the Ox alive, also does charity work.  They do a lot of stuff but their main focus is on providing music education in schools and preventing animal cruelty.

John Entwistle's estate donated many items to the foundation to sell to raise money, including John's personal record collection.  

We are going to be helping the Foundation to sell these records and raise as much money as possible to keep its work going.  We will be listing items for sale in our Ebay store under the listing of "John Entwistle's Record Collection". Keep in mind that 100% of the money taken in for these items goes directly to the foundation.  The PayPal payment goes direct to them.  We will ship the item to you and then the Foundation will send you a Certificate stating that they item you bought came directly from the collection of John Entwistle.  How friggin cool is that?  We will also post on this page a link for you to use if you want to make a donation to the foundation as well.  

The first batch is up for sale,


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