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BUY SELL TRADE Records, CDs, music memorabilia


Forty Years experience in the world of records and music!!

WORLDWIDE MAIL ORDER Click link above to see our list of records for sale and our Discogs shop with thousands of items competatively prices  Something you are lookig for?  Email us and we will check our inventory.  We will be adding more items to our "Stuff for sale" link above so subscribe or check back often!!

Unfortunately, we had to close the Hawthorne store due to health issues and the economic downturn.   



Single items or full collections!!

You can sell your records at either store during regular business hours.  If you need us to come look at the records, call us at 914-441-6285  We will travel to buy quality collections of records or music memorabilia.

We are open but you MUST wear a mask and maintain social distancing.  Only 2 customers allowed in at a time


3199 Albany Post Rd in Buchanan NY (next to Peekskill) open Wed-Sun 12-5


Big Jim Gibson with Scott Shannon

(Z100, WCBS-FM NY DJ) when we

purchased his amazing record collection

We Have a Large Selection of Concert Posters

In fact we have the largest selection of original concert posters on the east coast.  Hundreds of posters on display instore, and hundreds more waiting to be offered.  Including rare vintage gig posters from 60's-00's, large selection of Bill Graham Presents poster series, posters from the Electric Factory series of posters, and posters from designers like Gary Gilmore, Frank Kozik, Mark Arminski, Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan, Alan Forbes, Pushead, Lindsey Kuhn, Print Mafia, Jermaine Rogers, Emek, Justin Hampton, Ames Bros, Tara McPherson,  Ward Sutton, Gary Grimshaw, and many others.  Something you are looking for?  Come by the shop or send us an email.  

We buy records and music memorabilia.

Individual items or entire collections.  We do not buy records in bad condition.  We also do not buy most easy listening, pop personality singers, ragtime or swing, childrens or orchestral records.   We have limited space and cannot stock junk.  Even our cheapy section has good quality records in it for the most part.  Call or email and tell us what you have for sale, or just bring them buy the store and we'll make you an offer for what we are interested in.

Sorry this web site isn't all popping and cool.  We're in the record biz, not web design

So what is the big deal about collecting records and memorabilia?

One word answer... HISTORY.  The music industry is a very large worldwide entity.  Every year the industry introduces to the world their newest signings.  And every year some of these new artists hit it big and have a hit song.  These artists will be all over the net, radio and/or television for a few months, maybe a few weeks, maybe even just a few days.  And some may find fame into the future.  But this number is very very few of all of these artists.  Now think about it... how many of the big hit songs of today will be remembered in 10 years?  Can you name more than 3 hit songs from 10 years ago off the top of your head?  Maybe.  Now, play the song "Wild Thing" for a group of people.  Young and old, almost all will be able to bop or sing along with it, even if just a little bit.  That song is 50 years old.  Do you think many of the songs released in the last 10 years will be familiar with people like "Wild Thing" is 50 years from now?  The answer is no.  

There was definitely a golden age of popular music.  I think it really kicked into high gear around 1964 and went into the 80's.  The master work of popular music is from that era.  Rock, soul, dance music, heavy metal, punk.  Probably some I am forgetting.  But those were the years that established most of popular music's triumphs.  The albums that went onto to define so many lives.  And still do today.  "Sgt Pepper" and "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Thiller" will always be albums that a new generation of fans will discover every year.  Probably for a long time to come.  Just like hundreds of years after his death almost everyone knows the name Beethoven, so will people 200 years from now will know the name John Lennon.

In the years to come people will be seeking out a first printing of "Sgt Pepper" just as people dream of finding a first printing of a Charles Dickens book.  That is why people are seeking these special items now to put away for future generations to enjoy and most likely sell for a lot of money.  The items from the 60's are disappearing from the market because the items that have survived the last 50 years in any sort of decent condition, have found homes in the possession of people who will never part with them.  Pop culture has been such a massive influence over almost every life in the world, this was a first in human history, and music is one of the biggest of all influences in people's lives.

There is the historical proof of why people pay so much for these items.  And for the most part, these items are just continuing to go up and up and up in price.  These items are part of history and the items tell stories and bring a connection to a time in history that has passed.   Personally, I am moved to own a piece of music history be it an original copy of the 1st issue or a rare variation of a record or a concert poster or flyer promoting a show from the past that I can only imagine what it must have been like to experience.  My life long hobby has become a very lucrative business with very real investment potential. 

Wealthy people in the past collected fine art, books, watches, basically the items that they recognized the importance of in society.  Now they collect Jimi Hendrix original concert posters.  And you can too.  You can make your passion the source for your family's prized  estate items that can be handed down and valued from generation to generation.  Most likely increasing from generation to generation.

And believe it or not, it doesn't cost a lot of money to get started.  If you need some guidance getting started, give Jim a call or stop by the store.  He is always willing to help.  Obviously he nor anyone else can guarantee what things will sell for,  but while you are waiting to see if your value will mature, you will certainly love having these artifacts in your collection.

So who the hell is Jim Gibson and why should you buy stuff from him?  Jim Gibson has been a collector and dealer since he was a teenager.  He was awarded the Goldmine magazine advertising Customer Service Award 7 years in a row in the 90's.  He has been cited as being an expert in several fields of collecting including the Beatles, The Who, alternative rock from late 80's thru 90's, and heavy metal and punk rock collecting.  He has provided information for numerous books over the last 25 years including several different Goldmine record price guides, Bruce Spizer's Beatles record guides, and articles in Goldmine, Record Collector and Mojo.  His knowledge in the concert poster world has been shared and credited in over 15 books.  He has sold items that are in the permanent collections of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and the Experience Music project in Seattle.  He often offers information on items and provides rarities to be sold by major auction houses in the U.S. and England.  Big Jim's Records is a new business that offers over 30 years of knowledge and experience to every customer.  We guarantee everything we sell to be authentic, and offer a lifetime money back guarantee on every purchase.  We stand behind everything we sell and put our money where our mouth is.

And we just love learning new stuff. 

We look forward to helping you with your collection

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